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Hi! I’m Lennis, an engineer, wellness consultant and creator of the Design your Wellness Roadmap online program.


My Mission:

I love helping women release their health and wellness blocks so they can live their lives with more ease, freedom and purpose. 


Why? Let me backtrack a bit and tell you my story.

My Story

I was born and raised in Venezuela, the youngest of 2 siblings.


To say that I was a PICKY EATER is an understatement.


My parents struggled trying to get me to eat, so I got away with eating whatever I chose to.


By age 18 I was suffering from high cholesterol. At 19, I was diagnosed with H. Pylori - a bacteria that affects your stomach and is known for causing stomach ulcers and could potentially lead to cancer if left unattended.


For the next decade after my diagnosis, I was trying to eat healthy, but will often fall off the wagon.


This continued for years. My bad health lead to other issues including depression and anxiety.


In my early 30's I got that wake-up call we all fear. After a regular annual check-up my doctor called and asked me to get more tests done.


After a year of monitoring my abnormal tests results the doctor said: you need surgery, we found pre-cancerous cells that I highly suggest we remove ASAP. (You can read more about my diagnosis here).


This was one of the scariest moments of my life.


Before my 33rd birthday I had to drastically change my lifestyle. What looked like the perfect life on the outside was slowly killing me.


This wake up call led to make some tough decisions, including leaving behind the life I built, getting divorced and starting over.

It also allowed me to find my purpose and step into my live's mission: help other women align their lives so they can have more balance, ease, and joy in their day to day lives.


Was it easy? Maybe...


Here is what I can tell you, when you start making yourself a priority and really aligning your actions and surroundings with your values everything feels a little easier.

Fun Random Facts

I have a Masters of Science in chemical engineering and I'm also certified in Plant Based nutrition.


My favorite sport to watch is Rugby, but I am terrible at playing sports.


I love dancing and salsa is one of my favorite rhythms I like to dance to.


Arepas and plantains are my FAVORITE food. I can eat them all day every day.


I've been a daily meditator since March 2017 and I LOVE IT!


Any other interesting facts you'll love to hear from me? Email me at lenniscookliveblog at gmail dot com with the subject AMA Bio and I will gladly respond to your email 🙂

Professional Bio

Lennis Perez is a women’s wellness consultant, motivational speaker, certified in plant-based nutrition and chemical engineer.


She is the creator of the Design Your Wellness Roadmap, a self-guided program that helps professionals and entrepreneurs become their healthiest selves so they can achieve their goals and succeed without compromising their well-being.


She is also the founder of, wellness platform where she shares her favorite tips & hacks for a healthier lifestyle.


Lennis was born in Venezuela and currently resides in New Jersey.

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