Are these real signs?

Am I imagining this or is it really true that I’m getting signs to keep going on the path of starting my own business and working for myself? After being laid off two weeks ago, I went on a trip to Colorado that I had already planned with my friends. I was happy I got a chance to go away, disconnect from reality and just enjoy myself in one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited.
  First, I get a call from an old family friend as soon as I landed in Denver. He told me he was looking for some help with his own company and getting it established here in the US. His vision is very interesting, and based on their success in another country I can see that helping him and his family get started here will be of great value for me.
  Then after coming back and feeling completely and entirely anxious about what my next step is, I checked my email and see an email from Coursera with new classes they are offering, one on how to start your own business, the second on how to launch an innovative business. Where do I sign up right away PLEASE!
  Maybe it is my imagination, or maybe it is the universe (as one of my favorite bloggers would say), telling me that this is the path I should follow.
  My life has been flipped upside down so many times in the past year, that sometimes I don’t know if I have any strength left inside me. For now I just keep walking forward, thinking to myself I need a timeline. So this is what I came up with:
  1. Start by setting small goals and try not to overwhelm myself.
  2. Be goal specific.
  3. Set timelines, and if I cannot reach them, adjust them to be more realistic, but DO NOT STOP moving forward.
  4. Set specific times to do research and give myself boundaries, because if not I could spend the next 3 months, or even year just researching.
  5. Most important, create a trial for my business, test it out, reach out to people and check the response I get. If I get positive feedback, continue in that direction, if I get no feedback or negative feedback, adjust or change the direction, but again just keep trying.

  As it’s told by one of my favorite characters in cartoons (Dory from Finding Nemo) – just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming!

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