Attract Abundance

How can we attract abundance everyday?

It all started with curiosity. Curiosity about life, about who I truly am, about what if.

Sometimes we ask those questions, but we settle in the usual patterns of our lives. We love comfort, our brains love comfort. The mind also loves staying in familiar territory.

This is why it is scary to make changes, to take action without proof that things will work.

Two years ago I became obsessed with the concept of creating more abundance and wealth in my life. I was living in so much fear and when the worst happened I was left shaking and crying in the shower.

I had been laid-off – something I told myself would never happen because I was good at what I did, I was friendly, personable, easy to work with and had been producing good results for the company I worked for at the time.

But this was beyond anyone’s control. The company had gone through more than 12 months without signing a new project or new client.

They made the tough decision of cutting over 20% of their staff and I was part of that number.

Newly divorced, newly unemployed, I went with my original plan, I didn’t want to fall into panic. I let my mind stay in the familiar space while I figured things out. (I wrote about this experience as it happened here)

I was traveling to Colorado just a few days after I was laid off, a trip that had been planned for months in advance.

I didn’t cancel my vacation. I took it as an opportunity to evaluate what to do next.

For some reason there was a sense of ease in the back of my mind, even with all the panic and questions on how the heck am I going to pay for my current lifestyle without fully draining my savings.

The decision was to experiment and get curious. To take the opportunity to explore deeper into the world of my own passions.

An opportunity I had never taken before but had been asking for a while. The universe, God or whatever spiritual force you believe in have a way to responding to your pleads.

I took the time off and it was the best thing I could have done for ME!

A lot has happened since that winter of 2016, but the experience brought me to learning about the law of abundance. This was beyond The Secret (I actually never read the book) and the law of attraction.

What the law of abundance tells us is that the is MORE than enough in the universe to cover for what we desire. The interesting part of the law of abundance is that it creates ease and you also must align your belief system to trust it is going to happen.

As a person who is addicted to control and knowing HOW things will happen, it was hard for me to learn this lesson. A lesson of faith, of surrendering, or letting go and putting my energy and more importantly my MINDSET in a place of trusting universal abundance.

It takes courage to live this way. I don’t always do it perfectly, but I have created so much abundance & gratitude in my life I am certain it will continue to workout the way it is meant to happen in my life.

Fear creeps in from time to time, my eagerness to understand how what I desire is going to come into my life also shows up a lot. It is natural for us to fall into old thinking. It takes a LOT of practice and definitely AWARENESS to change your thoughts.

In the process of practicing the law of abundance, I’ve manifested a $3400 check to pay for a money mindset coach and new equipment for my business. Then I had a few months where I manifested over $20,000 each month (this is after learning to include VALUE into my “income” column).

I also got over $140,000 worth of medicine for my Dad in the last 12 months (something we collectively cannot pay for out of pocket).

And every day I see perfect examples on how the law of abundance can create a happier, joyful and incredible life to those who want it.

I leave you with this story from a recent vacation in St. Lucia.

Are you ready to bring more abundance in your life?

PS = If you want to re-program your brain to think more positively, check out this daily affirmations cheat sheet to help you get started.

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