Surviving the holidays without weight gain

Is it really possible to avoid the Holiday eating frenzy?

The smell of freshly baked cookies, or the delicious egg-nog have us eating foods we typically don’t eat.

Next week most of us will be gearing up for a delicious Thanksgiving meal. Thanksgiving represents the unofficial kick off of the Holiday Season. It also represents that time of the year when we let go of inhibitions and binge eat.


The upcoming weeks are filled with Holiday parties, religious celebrations, or simply spending more time with the family. Also people start bringing leftover food to the office and leaving it in the kitchen area for everyone to enjoy. This season we are just surrounded by food, desserts, and drinks.


But don’t worry, I will be sharing some easy actionable tips that you can apply to help your waistline, avoid weight gain, and stop fighting the scale.


Tip #1 – Stay Hydrated: water not only keeps you hydrated, but it also helps you stay away from sugary drinks. If you are going out to dinner or drinking alcohol with your friends try to alternate each drink with water. You’ll also be thankful the next morning.


Tip #2 – Portion Control: Eating with family and friends can lead to overeating. When we are distracted we tend to eat more without realizing it. Serve yourself in smaller dishes and try to skip going for a second serving. If you must go for a second serving then try to fill the plate with salad and vegetables which are easier to digest.


Tip #3 – No Dessert after 8pm: Desserts are filled with carbohydrates and lots of sugar. Add a glass of wine and you may end up having 500+ calories in the blink of an eye. Skip the dessert or eat it earlier in the day so you get a chance to burn some of those extra calories.


Tip #4 – Be Prepared: always carry a fruit or other snacks in your purse or in your car, and keep your schedule organized as much as possible. Eating a healthy snack will help you stay a bit full and not overeat when you get a chance to sit down for your next meal. These snacks could be useful for the upcoming weeks.


Tip #5 – Say No: it is OK to say No. Sometimes we feel pressured to say yes to friends and family members who invite us over for a meal. Even when we already had plans, we feel obligated to attend multiple events in one day. Try to keep your schedule as free as possible and say No to extra events that will lead to overeating.


Tip #6 – Make time to move: exercising will help you keep off the extra weight. A great way to get moving is to bring enough layers such that you can take a 20-30 minute walk at lunchtime. Walking in cold weather will actually help you stay active and burn a few extra calories. You can also check-out this 11-minute yoga workout from for the holiday season.


Make sure to keep your goals realistic. Deciding to lose weight around this time of the year is a bit unrealistic and will add some extra pressure that could lead to disappointment.

I hope these tips help you stay mindful, healthy, and happy during the Holiday season.


And remember you can always get started on your healthy journey following very simple food switches. Download your 5 quick substitutions for a healthy eating makeover guide here!

Avoid weight gain and overeating during the holiday season

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    • I know! There are certain habits that are so hard to break but can definitely find alternatives like a handful of berries. I’m glad you found this post useful 😉

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