Design your Ideal Day

Decisions decisions…

Whoever had the brilliant idea of asking 16-18 year olds to decide what they wanted to do for the rest of their lives must have been living in a different era.

That’s why I like to ask this question – do you have what it takes to design your ideal day?

As adults we fall into specific routines. A big part of our routines include spending time at work. The formula is simple, you work, you get paid for your time, you go home and use that “hard earned” money to pay for your life.

Now, your life and goals are unique to you and your family, but most of us fall into the same routine “trap”.

This is why I was excited to bring on board my amazing friend and career transition coach Jennifer Kent.

I met Jennifer back during our college years. We connected over 2 very major parts of our lives in that moment. Number 1 – we were both studying to become Chemical Engineers and number two, we were the only Venezuelans in the program.

Fast forward to today and Jennifer has designed her dream day with conviction and passion. Don’t make the wrong assumptions though, she has dabbled and tested her ideal day for a while before getting to her goal.

Jennifer became that first role model I looked up to years ago. She made the transition from Chemical Engineering to something else she was really passionate about. She became an entrepreneur, her own boss, and had the time freedom and peace of mind many of us crave.

The why is sometimes the simplest of questions to answer, but the HOW? That’s where it gets interesting.

To help us get some answers I’ve asked her to give us 3 pieces of advice that can help anyone looking to transition their professional career and creating that dream day for themselves.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Jennifer.

PS = A big part of the work starts in your mind, shifting that mindset to believe you are capable of so much. Reprogramming your mind starts with a simple exercise – affirmations – to download a morning affirmations cheat sheet click here and get it in your inbox today!

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