Healthy Eating: 3 Strategies for Busy People

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You are so busy, but you also have been wanting to start eating healthy for what it feels like eons now. Well, I got good news for you because I want to share 3 super simple strategies that will help you get started with your eating habits transformation.

Let’s get to it then.

Strategy #1 – Look at your grocery list. Why? Because you may be mindlessly writing your grocery list with items that are sabotaging you and getting you away from your goal. 

If I shared with you what my grocery shopping list looked like 10 years ago versus what it looks like now, you will get my point.

My old grocery list included items like: cheese whiz, deli meats, bread, milk, eggs, frozen waffles, etc. It also included items that I had a coupon for. Let’s be honest, we all feel great when we get a good bargain.

My grocery list now includes at least 10-20 different fruits and vegetables, and bread has been replaced with whole grain freshly made bakery bread, milk has been ditched to the side and I have replaced it with coconut shavings.

Why? Because I am loving making my own coconut milk at home (plus it takes less than 10 minutes to prepare) and I’m still saving some $$.

Strategy #2 – Avoid pre-packaged or highly processed foods. This is an easy trick but it is sometimes a bit harder to implement. We are so accustomed to buying the same things all the time, especially when it comes in a nice and convenient package. But the reality is that a lot of these foods have been created in a lab and they contain harmful chemicals and preservatives that have an impact in our health.

Thinking beyond eating more fruits and vegetables, let’s focus on reducing lab manufactured foods. I see you potato chips!

Strategy #3 – Keep a food log/food diary. This is a super quick and easy step you can take. Use your cell-phone, write foods that you consume on a Google doc, evernotes, or whatever other  tool you like (the old school pen and paper also works wonderfully). Again, simple is key here. There is no need for you to count calories or measure portions, just get an overall idea of what you are eating.

What you pay attention to, you can change. If you are not paying attention to what you eat and have no idea of how much real food vs. packaged and processed foods you are eating, then it is hard to change that habit.

At the end of the day it all boils down to awareness. If you know what you are eating and pay attention and make a plan of what healthy eating means to you, then you will have a higher chance of succeeding.

Remember, with awareness, ease, and action you can achieve your goals.

Want extra help with this process? Then I invite you to download my morning affirmations cheat sheet. This will help you re-program your brain and transform your life. Read more about it here.

And check out the full video with more fun examples right below.

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