Emotional Intelligence in Business


I am so excited to share today my interview with intuitive business strategist Libby Brouwer.

When it comes to emotional intelligence, purpose, and showing up authentically in business, she is your go-to lady!


She is the mastermind behind Creative Cabbage, a company where she helps clients create sustainable growth through aligned action.


I met Libby at the BlogHer Creators Summit conference in NYC. We connected during a very uncomfortable situation (we spill all the details about this encounter towards the end of our interview).


When I asked her to do this interview I went straight to the “hard” questions. I value her expertise and approach and I hope you get some incredible insights as well.


We discussed some key strategies for communication and emotional intelligence in the workplace.


I love her perspective when I asked what is the #1 strategy for communicating authentically in business.


Her answer comes in 2 parts:

  1. Be direct and communicate what you actually mean. It boils down to having clarity in your mind about what is it exactly that you need an answer to, this will help you create the most direct and clear question
  2. Ask with authenticity, embrace your range of emotions, and allow yourself to show the full range of who you are


No BS on this conversation ladies and I love it!


The second important topic we discussed is 3 strategies she recommends to SHOW UP authentically in business


  1. Screw the box, don’t try to fit in. We are creating and expanding and this should get us super excited. Be genuine, get clear and figure out what are your indicators of success, then keep track of those.
  2. Figure out your communication style. How do you communicate comfortably? Is it by showing up in person, or is it by writing. We all have different strengths when it comes to communication styles, find yours and nurture it!
  3. No 3rd strategy, just get out there and DO IT!


Her honesty is contagious and you can see throughout our conversation that she really shows up authentically.


If you are struggling with showing up authentically in business, make sure to reach out to Libby. You can also get in touch with me if this is an issue that shows up because of feelings of overwhelm and frustration. We are here to help you!


To close out the interview: what is your favorite strategy you most look forward to applying in your business? Leave me a comment and share!


Thanks again for stopping by.

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