The WholeME Wellness System

For Modern Professional Women

Being tired all the time sucks.


Combine that with feeling overwhelmed and sleep deprived and you have a recipe for disaster.


All these things took a toll on my body and my mind.


Through lots of ups and downs I learned how to feel fulfilled, healthy and full of energy.


Yosemite at 25

There are many LIFE CHANGING moments. For me it was becoming my Dad's caregiver at 35



But it is all SO WORTH IT!


There was no planning or preparing for this.


It was just take action after action and make decisions on the spot.


This can leave anyone feeling scared, overwhelmed and DONE with adulthood.


But I love my Dad and I wanted to be my best so I can help him through this difficult time.


This is WHY is so important for you to take care of yourself first!


So you can be your best for your loved ones.

How I do it?

Proper diet & lifestyle choices

Then and Now Instagram Pic Workshop

There are 3 key elements to overall wellness:

A physical element

A mental element &

An emotional element

"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try" - Gail Devers

Yoga practice


Who is this signature program for?


You are ready to take charge of your health and well-being to create sustainability


If you are looking for that accountability partner and friend to help you navigate through this wellness journey


If you want to be your best so life doesn't become overwhelming ALL THE TIME


You want customized strategies that work for YOU and fit your new schedule


If you prefer one-on-one help and guidance and EASY strategies

Wellness through food Lennis Coach
Becoming a caregiver


I get it.

Life is not linear and it can be overwhelming and hard, really HARD with all the noise around us!

I have been there too and have had to work on myself to maintain my own balance.

But you don't have to do it alone.

With this program you will:


1. Learn about your body and the best way to nurture it


2. Get the energy you crave and set up the steps to create more stability


3. Learn how to manage the negative emotions that come up when changing your lifestyle habits


4. Feel confident and balanced


5. Be the best version of you that you can be!

If you are interested in this 1:1 program, please fill out the application and I will contact you within 48 hrs!

I lost 10 lbs doing this program and have been able to keep them off after months of working with Lennis.

Joanna - Coaching client

I thought that my answer would be nutrition because I love sticking to a healthy food routine.

But after working with Lennis, I 100% know that I need to focus on the sleep portion of my life!

Kimberly Chacon - The 4 Pillars of Wellness Program

Lennis is that friend you need to hold you ACCOUNTABLE. I feel like I have finally regained control of my body!

Randa - Coaching client

I have so much energy now and my clothes are fitting so much better. This program works!

Jo V. - Coaching client

Following your detox, my body felt so much better and less swollen. Thank you!

Tam - Community Member

You've inspired me to eat better and stay on track!

Sharon - Community Member

Thank you Lennis, you just gave me back my favorite food

Faji - Subscriber

Thanks to your recipes I was able to surprise my family with a delicious and healthy dinner!

Nina P. - Subscriber