Healing Dad – Part 2

Trying to settle into the new routine had been interesting.


Actually no, it was HARD.


I ended up sleeping on the couch a few nights or on an air mattress as I didn’t have a bed in my spare bedroom and of course gave my Dad the master bedroom.


My meal standards were quite high, so cooking was also a big challenge.

Healing psoriasis with plant based food

I got an instant pot and my bf gave me his slow cooker, so I had the stove, oven, instant pot and slow cooker running at all hours of the day.


Before I went to get my Dad from Venezuela, I had gotten into a really nice rhythm in the morning.


I would start the day with some meditation, morning yoga, and gratitude, before getting breakfast ready and heading into work.

Yoga practice

Now, I had to make breakfast and lunch for both my Dad and myself, but because I didn’t take his condition lightly, I was making soups, juices, tea, snacks, plus all the fruits and vegetables I could get into his body.


His weight loss concerned me, but his lack of nutrients worried me even more.


I would find myself Googling: foods to help your gut, foods for a healthy skin, foods that act as antibiotics, healing leaky gut with food, etc.


Anything I could find that was plant-based I was getting and making.


His sores were still there and he was still uncomfortable but at least he was starting to get into a good sleeping cycle.


Because of the staph infection, he had to take a “bleach bath” for 20 minutes every day.


I would put hydrocortisone ointment all over his body twice a day and antibiotic ointment on the skin sores. I also had to put antibiotic ointment inside my nostrils to prevent me from also getting the staph infection.


I still had to go to work, how else would I be able to pay for all his medical bills and both of our living expenses?


Note that he didn’t have insurance, so everything was out of pocket.


Every day I was grateful for my job because it allowed me to pay for his care.


I was also super thankful to have had signed-up for Money Bootcamp with Denise Duffield-Thomas, because it absolutely helped my mindset about the new expenses I had. (There is a waitlist right now for her program, but it was so worth it for me at the time).

The last year of my life was really a preparation for what was coming my way.


I had the tools and background knowledge, now it was time to actually start practicing what I had been learning.


At this point, I was more grateful for my divorce than ever. I knew if I hadn’t gotten divorced, I would not be in the position of healing my Dad.


Blessings in disguise. I was also more intuned with my body than ever, and had learned how food can heal.


I didn’t cut out all animal products from his diet, I was still giving him some lean proteins and salmon.


The next few weeks after my Dad moved in with me included lots of adjustments.


I learned so much about the medications he was taking, especially the side effects, from diabetes, to heart disease, high triglycerides, high blood pressure, you name it.


Here is a snap shot of ALL the different medication he was taking on any given day (I made a schedule in Spanish for him so he would know when to take what).

But slowly we could start seeing some improvements. His staph infection was getting a bit more under control, although to this day we are still dealing with it.

His steroid dosage was getting reduced, and we started understanding more and more how his body reacted to different situations.


His birthday came around a few weeks after bringing him from Venezuela. He felt better and I did too. He continuously thanked me for saving his life once again as he would say.

Through the first few weeks I recognized also how grateful I was of my decision to not have kids.


My hat goes off to anyone who’s ever been a Mom! Seriously, it is hard work and I applaud you for it.


We do everything we can for the people we love. In my case, I prioritize my Dad and my family over my own life. I stopped working on my own dreams and adventures for a bit.


I would say that during the first month or so you need to:

  1. Give yourself time to understand and adjust how your life has changed
  2. Continue making your loved one a priority while starting to schedule or squeeze in time for yourself
  3. Create a food plan that is sustainable (I DID NOT do this, but I learned)
  4. Plan for your own break a few months in advanced and prepare for it

I had been wanting to go to Costa Rica for over a year, I was supposed to go that Christmas, but of course the trip had to be postponed.


At the end, we (BF & I) decided to schedule it for May for my Birthday, this would give us about 5 months to find help and get ready for it.


We almost didn’t make it in May, but that’s a story for another day.


Thank you for visiting my site and reading through my story, I will continue to post more details on this journey in the upcoming weeks.


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