Must Have Kitchen Gadgets

Must have kitchen gadgets 2017

Is your holiday gift list ready for this year?

Since the holiday season starts this week, I am excited to share with you the latest toys that I have been using in the kitchen.

At the end of October, as my Dad and I were traveling on the connecting flight back from Venezuela, I started thinking about how I was going to simplify my schedule. I needed to do a LOT of cooking for him. There are many side effects of his medication that I wanted to make sure were controlled with food and not more medicines.

Using these kitchen gadgets, I can prepare home-cooked meals that are super healthy to help my dad recover from his current immune disorder.

I remembered my friend had a crock pot that was never really used. After sending a quick text, I had this wonderful tool on my kitchen countertop the next day.

Research shows that to help my Dad’s skin recover relatively quickly he should eat or drink bone broth. I went to the local supermarket and cooked some chicken feet with my vegetable scraps overnight for 12 hours to make sure I got all the nutrients out.

I use this broth as my base for soups and vegetables. Bone broth boosts the immune system, helps with gut inflammation, and even speeds up the recovery of leaky gut.

The model I use allows me to set the cooking length and select the temperature (low or high). This slow cooker is really helping me out. (It is actually working as I type this post).

Ok, so now I have a slow cooker that can have one dish ready overnight. I need another tool that will help me get dishes done quickly.

A friend had mentioned she got an Instant Pot as a birthday present a few months ago. After doing some research, I absolutely fell in love with this kitchen gadget.

With my Amazon Prime membership, I ordered this one and got it delivered in two days.

I get so happy just thinking about it. The first test was to make beans. I love eating beans, and beans are a great source of vegetable protein for my Dad.

Chickpeas perfectly done in 40 minutes? You got it!

This kitchen tool has been used already at least 10 times in the past week. I’ve cooked soups, black beans, quinoa, and even rice can be done is 12 minutes. Soooo cool!!!!

I love that it has a timer, so I can put all the ingredients in there, set the timer to start cooking a few hours later and when I get home the food is ready and warm.

You really can’t go wrong with this one. It is a great gift, especially for those who are looking to cook at home but can’t really spend hours in the kitchen. This kitchen gadget is even great for those who think they can’t cook.

The last kitchen gadget I’ve been using is another borrowed one (although I already added one to my shopping cart for Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals).

I’m talking about the awesome blender Vitamix. I can blend juices and soups and they come out with a perfect texture as if I had gotten the soup straight from a top chef.

I make my Dad an apple cinnamon Kefir every day (kefir contains lots of probiotics which helps his gut bacteria regenerate from all the antibiotics he’s been taking).

You can also make a one-ingredient banana ice cream and it comes out delicious.

I’ve used it in the past to make nut butter and morning green juices. I am waiting to purchase a refurbished one as it still has a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer. Check this one out, as I think it is still in my price range.

These kitchen gadgets will be amazing additions to your gift list. Busy parents will love them. Any busy adult will totally benefit from any of these tools. And if you know someone interested in kicking off healthy eating habits, they will certainly appreciate them too!

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