Preparing for flu season

Flu season is here and is in full swing.


This is the first year I actually didn’t get a flu shot. I usually get it, but since switching jobs last year I ended up skipping this routine vaccine because to be honest: I WAS LAZY!

My previous employer would offer the flu shot for free right at our office, wasn’t that nice?


In any case, traveling with my Dad during the Holiday season made me extra aware of being prepared for the flu and trying to take appropriate measures to prevent us getting sick.


Especially for him since he has a messed-up immune system (I wouldn’t call it weak because I actually think it is quite strong to survive everything he has been going through).


What can you do to prevent or reduce the impact of the flu?

#1. Be mindful of your sanitary habits. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly whenever going to the bathroom, or before eating any food.


#2. Avoid spending time with people who have flu-like symptoms. If you can’t avoid them, then go back to #1 and make sure you keep your hands clean, wash your clothing and sheets constantly.


#3. Drink tons of fluids. Staying hydrated helps your body remove toxins, which means your immune system can focus on doing what it is really meant to do which is protect you and fight off disease. Another benefit is that water keeps your mouth clean up to a certain level, helping you prevent viruses and bacterias entering your system through your mouth.


#4. Eat plenty of veggies. Complementing #3, eating the right foods (AKA tons of veggies, especially leafy greens) will help your immune system be SUPER STRONG! Especially vegetables that are rich in antioxidants and have high anti-inflammatory properties. Include spinach in your salads, stir veggies, even smoothies. Add turmeric as part of your seasoning. Brussel Sprouts and broccoli are other sources of vitamins that help boost your immune system.


#5. Add probiotics to your meals. An easy way to include more probiotics is to add kefir as a snack or prepare fruit smoothies with coconut probiotics. I love Goodbelly brand. You could also buy probiotic pills and add the contents to your juices or soups.


My inspiration for this post:


I am one of those people who say: I never get sick.


But the reality is that I actually do. The difference is that when I do get sick it only lasts for 2-3 days max (of actually feeling weaker than normal), and it often comes after periods of high stress.


Healing my Dad has been a big but rewarding challenge, we are not fully done, he still has a long way to go, but his transformation has been amazing.


Through this whole process, I have been under a lot of stress, even when I take deep breaths and try to stay calm and focused on the goal.


I do have a low tolerance for ignoring feeling overwhelmed and just continue pushing through.


At a certain point my body is just going to simply disconnect from my mind, scream at me, and make me slow down, AKA I get sick.


Last time I was sick was a few weeks ago.

I was on my way back from Houston after spending time with family and loved ones. We were flying back the day of the Bomb Cyclone winter storm in the North East and got stuck in Atlanta for long hours.


By the time we boarded the second plane to get closer to home I was already stuffy and coughing. Continuing to put mind over body we made it back to NJ on Friday (After 30 hours of traveling) and then I crashed.


What do you do when your body tells you to stop? YOU LISTEN!


I have learned how to listen (kind of), and with some over the counter medication and good rest, I was ready to get back to the routine by Monday. Very quick recovery in my book.


If you are looking for ways to reclaim your health using foods, schedule a complimentary 30-min chat here and we can discuss your goals!

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